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  1. Perhaps it is that aimlessness that keeps Ulrich above it all.
  2. But there was still a disturbing aimlessness in his approach to life.
  3. Despite his aimlessness, there is something admirable about Phillips.
  4. The term has connotations of " apathy and aimlessness ".
  5. One couple after another moves through the gardens with the same aimlessness.
  6. He conceded that he bears some responsibility for his children's aimlessness.
  7. Later, though, some firefighters spoke of an aimlessness to the efforts.
  8. Like all Foggs, he is characterized by a certain aimlessness in life.
  9. Life of Jesus : Youthful aimlessness degenerates into racism in a small French village.
  10. This may be a slow film, but there are worse settings for aimlessness.
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