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  1. Dust and other cruft may accumulate as a result of air cooling.
  2. If forced air cooling proves insufficient then cast-in cooling jackets are employed.
  3. The 850 MW plant uses air cooling technology to reduce water consumption.
  4. Cooling is predominantly liquid, with forced air cooling for the rotor core.
  5. John informs guests that he has set up an air cooling system.
  6. :: They don't require oxygen, but they do require air cooling.
  7. The bleed air cooling the turbine discs is treated in a similar manner.
  8. information on xenalights as a air cooling technology  Preceding contribs)
  9. CIN is strengthened by low altitude dry air advection and surface air cooling.
  10. The battery also has forced-air cooling so that it never faces extreme heat.
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