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  1. Our air coordinator is calling in the strikes.
  2. After the 19th, " Natoma Bay " expanded her duties to include antisubmarine and air coordinator missions, and in March, to anti-shipping assignments.
  3. Back on station on 28 November, " Wainwright " concluded the year as the Navy's air coordinator in the northern portion of the Tonkin Gulf.
  4. "This is very bad news, because the administration is poised to move backwards on air quality protection, rather than toward cleaner air, " said Karen Hadden, clean air coordinator for SEED.
  5. "Some are clearly concerned at the size of penalties and made it clear they did not want the responsibility for the data, " said Lisa McArthur, EPA clean air coordinator for the Pacific Northwest.
  6. Due to the Marine pilots of VMO-6 being overstretched by the intensity of combat operations in the DMZ, pilots of the 220th were, uniquely, given the Marine designation of Tactical Air Coordinator ( Airborne ).
  7. While acting as Air Coordinator at Guam, his skill and determination on more than one occasion resulted in the severe loss to the enemy and greatly aided the advance of our troops toward important objectives.
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