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  1. Cold air crossing the unfrozen Great Lakes will generate snow showers near the eastern shores.
  2. The outward journey is also the first air crossing of the Atlantic from east to west.
  3. The culprit for the prodigious rain was a flow of chilly Canadian air crossing Lake Erie.
  4. It is remembered in aviation history for the first east west non-stop heavier-than-air crossing of the Atlantic.
  5. Much of Sunday's snow was a result of cold air crossing the upstream waters of the Great Salt Lake.
  6. While dry conditions will prevail, colder air crossing the Great Lakes will finally induce more widespread snow showers and squalls.
  7. Arctic air crossing the upper Great Lakes will produce snow showers and squalls from northern Michigan to central New York.
  8. The last remnant of photographic survey is successfully completed, and the three complete their air crossing to North America, making landfall in eastern Canada.
  9. Elsewhere, cool air crossing the warmer waters of the Great Lakes will induce a few snow showers over upstate New York and northern Michigan.
  10. *1919  The British military airship R . 34, operated by the Royal Air Force ( RAF ), accomplishes the first two-way transatlantic air crossing.
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