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  1. The x-intercept of the line is equal to the negative of the amplifier noise temperature-" T amp " in kelvin.
  2. The problem that has to be overcome is to reduce the amplifier noise; this requires cooling the camera to extremely low temperatures.
  3. The amplifier noise temperature can also be determined from the y-intercept, which is equal to " T amp " multiplied by the gain.
  4. They've offered everything from Lou Reed's " Metal Machine Music, " a double album of amplifier noise, to Warhol's " Sleep, " a six-hour film of a man sleeping.
  5. Amplifier noise is a major part of the " read noise " of an image sensor, that is, of the constant noise level in dark areas of the image.
  6. It is Widely used in DWDM systems dynamic wavelength selection, DWDM signal separation, optical performance monitoring, field tunable optical noise filtering and optical amplifier noise suppression, etc . Optical multiplexers ( couplers ) makes different wavelength coupling into an optical fiber and different wavelength carries different information.
  7. The noise power at the output of the amplifier ( i . e . the noise power coupled to an impedance-matched load that is connected to the amplifier output ) is " P out = Gk B ( T R + T amp ) B ", where " G " is the amplifier power gain and " T amp " is the amplifier noise temperature.
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