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  1. China too has been affected by the ascendance of the Taliban.
  2. Fugazi delivers a stinging critique of punk rock's recent ascendance.
  3. Datek's ascendance would not have been possible without Sheldon Maschler.
  4. Basic beliefs include reincarnation and meditation to achieve spiritual ascendance.
  5. Brown's ascendance has not come easily, though.
  6. Tiede attempts to chronicle the ascendance of the self-help movement.
  7. Sao Caetano's ascendance has been even more remarkable.
  8. Jawara s ascendance to the leadership of the party was hardly contested.
  9. One theme of the festivities was the ascendance of women in the profession.
  10. Thus the pressure to fill every seat, and the ascendance of marketing.
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