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  1. He meant the Associate in Arts degree to be distinctive.
  2. Carroll earned an Associate in Arts degree from Paducah Junior College in 1952.
  3. The Associate in Arts degree was first offered during summer quarter 1990-91.
  4. Central Lakes College offers over 70 programs, including Associate in Arts Honors degree.
  5. It awards Associate in Arts, Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science degrees.
  6. This program provides guaranteed admission into Florida State University for TCC Associate in Arts degree graduates.
  7. They are an Associate in Arts, an Associate in Science, an Associate in Business Education.
  8. The Associate in Arts program was then discontinued because of the department's lack of staff.
  9. She received an associate in arts degree in business administration from the College of San Mateo in California.
  10. Geronimo studied Associate in Arts degree in University of the Philippines Open University ( UP Open University ).
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