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  1. This principal-bundle is the associated bundle of the M�bius strip.
  2. See Ehresmann connection # Associated bundles for more details.
  3. The companion concept to associated bundles is the "'reduction of the structure group "'of a G-bundle B.
  4. Cartan connections induce covariant derivatives and other differential operators on certain associated bundles, hence a notion of parallel transport.
  5. We first introduce the general procedure for producing an associated bundle, with specified fibre, from a given fibre bundle.
  6. Since " ? " is a principal connection, it induces a connection on any associated bundle to " Q ".
  7. The firm's lobbyist and his associates bundled contributions amounting to $ 20, 000 for McCain's presidential campaign, all perfectly legal.
  8. The tangent bundle TX of a world manifold X and the associated bundle atlas of finite number of trivialization charts.
  9. In other words, we ask to identify the image of the associated bundle mapping ( which is actually a functor ).
  10. It gives rise to ( Ehresmann ) connections on any fiber bundle associated to " P " via the associated bundle construction.
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