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  1. James combined the views of spiritualism and associationism to create his own way of thinking.
  2. For Fodor, this position emerges naturally out of his criticism of behaviourism and associationism.
  3. Whereas in associationism, ideas and behaviors are separate, in spiritualism, they are connected.
  4. He also believed that the Shia doctrine of infallibility of the imams constituted associationism with God.
  5. Greeley maintained his interest in associationism.
  6. Therefore, he recommended breaking apart spiritualism and associationism and using the parts of them that make the most sense.
  7. To place this trust in someone else leads to the greatest sin, shirk ( " hidden associationism " ).
  8. For a fuller explanation of the intellectual history of associationism and the " Associationist School ", see " Association of Ideas ".
  9. "Associationism ", as this theory would come to be called, exerted a powerful influence over eighteenth-century thought, particularly 1749 ).
  10. Associationism is too simple in that it does not account for decision-making of future behaviors, and memory of what worked well and what did not.
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