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  1. In these films, Godard pulls associative meaning from film history, a tactic that attentive program-goers can replicate by making judicious choices.
  2. Bartram's Garden's physical endurance and resonant associative meanings make the site an unparalleled location for comprehending an array of historical facets related to John Bartram, eighteenth-and nineteenth-century botanic studies, the North American plant and seed business, and period domestic life in Philadelphia.
  3. This problem is especially important for those within the social sciences who study qualitative mental phenomena, such as consciousness, associative meanings, and mental representations, because a rejection of the study of meanings would lead to the reclassification of such research as non-scientific.
  4. The origins of many of these superstitions are based in the inherent risks of sailing, and luck, either good or bad, as well as portents and omens that would be given associative meaning in relation to the life of a mariner, sailor, fisherman or a crew in general.

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