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  1. However, when subject to associative memory tasks, users performed within normal ranges.
  2. The underlying neural circuitry is usually called an " associative memory " network.
  3. The associative memory stores both the address and content of the memory word.
  4. Associative memory bases identify entities that are defined as people, places and things.
  5. His primary research contributions were in computer systems design, and associative memories and processors.
  6. It can be considered as a associative memory tasks, generalization, and pattern recognition with changeable attention.
  7. He then proposed the idea of a virtually limitless, fast, reliable, extensible, associative memory storage and retrieval system.
  8. The ALAT in the original " Itanium " processor was implemented by a two-way set-associative memory with 32 entries.
  9. Female students perform significantly better than males in writing and slightly better on tests of reading comprehension and associative memory.
  10. Theoretical work on Sparse distributed memory has suggested that sparse coding increases the capacity of associative memory by reducing overlap between representations.
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