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  1. But the Auburn system didn't live up to that claim.
  2. Their boards of trustees would oversee an Auburn system and an Alabama system.
  3. It was expanded in 1829 and converted to operation according to the latest Auburn system ideas.
  4. The second characteristic of the Auburn system that was important to prison life was the community activities.
  5. Like its competitor Auburn system, Eastern State's regimen was premised on the inmate's potential for individual rehabilitation.
  6. In 1833 the city built a new House of Correction in South Boston, designed on the Auburn system ( an improvement at the time ).
  7. The design, based on New York's Auburn system of confinement and including a distinctive hexagonal stone tower, was the work of Providence architects Stone and Carpenter.
  8. In 1816, Auburn Prison ( now the Auburn Correctional Facility ) was founded as a model for the contemporary ideas about treating prisoners, known now as the Auburn system.
  9. Although the Auburn system was favored in the United States, Eastern State's radial floor plan and system of solitary confinement was the model for over 300 prisons worldwide.
  10. In order for this staff to keep order in the prison, a re-institution of the Auburn system came into play, keeping inmates quiet, obedient, and segregated.
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