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  1. Management of the current bank acceptance operation
  2. Problems in the bank acceptance draft
  3. Clearing facilities in other currencies may be available subject to the banks acceptance
  4. Recognition of the developing status quo of bank acceptance bills businesses in zhouning county
  5. The letter of credit will be valid by banking acceptance of the confirmation of the draft in 90 days from the date of expedition on presentation of documents of expedition in compliance
  6. On the basis of the investigation of the status quo of the bank acceptance operation in jiaxing , this paper analyzes the main problems and causing factors of the current operation actuality , and puts forward several suggestions on improving and perfecting the bank acceptance operation
  7. As of december 31 , 2004 , the group held cash and bank balances together with bank acceptances of approximately hk 985 million june 30 , 2004 : hk 1 , 015 million . the aggregate amount of bank loans of hk 2 , 217 million was reduced from hk 2 , 632 million as of june 30 , 2004
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