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  1. In the Renaissance, the bident became a conventional attribute of Pluto.
  2. In the Renaissance, the bident became a conventional attribute of Pluto in art.
  3. In an influential ceiling mural depicting the alchemical allegory, it is Neptune who holds the bident.
  4. Ancient Egyptians used a bident as a fishing tool, sometimes attached to a line and sometimes fastened with flight feathers.
  5. A bronze trident found in an Etruscan tomb at Vetulonia seems to have had an adaptable center prong that could be removed for use as a bident.
  6. They then spear the fish with bident and trident spears up to 6 m long, and occasionally longer, depending on the depth of the water.
  7. In common with the Bosporans, the Rus princely emblem indicates preferential use of the bident as the basis of the composition of  coats of arms.
  8. Other visual representations of the bident on ancient objects appear to have been either modern-era reconstructions, or in the possession of figures not securely identified as the ruler of the underworld.
  9. The use of depictions of the bident and trident makes the symbols of the Rurikids resemble the complex imperial coats of arms of the Bosporan Kingdom, the basic elements of which were likewise these symbols.
  10. On Lydian coins that show " Plouton " abducting Persephone in his four-horse chariot, the god holds his characteristic scepter, the ornamented point of which has sometimes been interpreted as a bident.
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