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  1. Like a bucket of Krugerrand or a billfold full of Franklins.
  2. They will turn in billfolds with hundreds of dollars in them,
  3. Brown turned the billfold right in to Penn State university police.
  4. As always, no marketing opportunity is overlooked; bring your billfolds.
  5. But somehow I had managed to lose the billfold key.
  6. I thought he meant he was going to make billfolds.
  7. _Keep an envelope in your car or billfold for collecting receipts.
  8. Some of them are as large as heavily stuffed billfolds.
  9. The victim's billfold was recovered from the scene, apparently undisturbed.
  10. He stole a billfold with $ 100 from a woman at the Washateria.
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