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  1. Some neighborhoods lost power, while Christmas lights blazed away in adjoining areas.
  2. As he dashed across the open ground, the Germans blazed away.
  3. We passed a newly torched Albanian house blazing away in the hot sunshine.
  4. Still, someone in Temple Heights was blazing away shortly after midnight.
  5. No . 2 : New York natives accustomed to blazing away.
  6. The destroyer escorts'guns blazed away and the submarine quickly sank.
  7. Until he began blazing away last week, McCree was not a candidate for incarceration.
  8. Firefighters were working to keep the week-old blaze away from the town of Ranchita.
  9. So I blazed away at those afflicted with global crisis-itis.
  10. On Monday, Taliban tanks blazed away at Pahlawan's armor outside Mazar-e-Sharif in a brief exchange.
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