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  1. Then he gave the scene a lighter, gleefully blustering reading.
  2. Also, he's more than just a blustering tyrant.
  3. Tudjman is blustering about taking that back by force, too.
  4. But perhaps he dismissed them as blustering from an involved party.
  5. Tom is a blustering egomaniac, a parody of the devoted artist.
  6. Do not deal through Serbia's blustering ally.
  7. Unless the league is willing to duck Toronto, Peter Puck is just blustering.
  8. And accompanying his blustering swings with strings, Muster delivers the fortissimo sound himself.
  9. Describing the Bush administration's foreign policy as " blustering,"
  10. "He was blustering and in his own words ` talking trash "'
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