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  1. The island was severely affected by the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004.
  2. A point was gained in a Boxing Day draw at Leeds United.
  3. He was unable to referee again until Boxing Day of that year.
  4. We play Christmas music from the 1st of December until Boxing Day.
  5. Other suggestions include those for Good Friday, Easter Day and Boxing Day.
  6. Boxing Day, Dec . 26, is a holiday in Messier's native Canada.
  7. On Boxing Day a Christmas special was aired, which was also successful.
  8. DEC . 26 FACTOR : Notes Britain's Boxing Day, but not Kwanzaa.
  9. Boxing Day is just the kind of fadeout and reward we need.
  10. DEC . 26 FACTOR : Notes Canadian Boxing Day, but not Kwanzaa.
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