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  1. He can bring an action at law if he likes.
  2. It could be that the owner did not have a sufficient interest to bring an action.
  3. Could the New York superintendent of banks bring an action against Daiwa for not reporting the incident?
  4. Can a director bring an action against a company and its directors for a worng done to him?
  5. A fleeting reference is less likely to bring an action of indecency than continued focus on offensive material.
  6. We are absolutely confident that the commmission will not bring an action against anyone in connection with this matter,
  7. Authorizes the Attorney General to bring an action in U . S . district court to enforce this Act.
  8. In the 16th century, litigants began to bring an action on the case instead : an action of assumpsit.
  9. Therefore, the shareholders may be able to bring an action on behalf of the company for injuries caused to it.
  10. They must also be willing to bring an action in the Cayman Islands, which by itself is an expensive proposition.
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