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  1. The original recipe called for butterflying the shrimp and leaving the shells on.
  2. Watts said sunny days are the best for butterflying because the insects are more active.
  3. Birding, butterflying with binoculars and wildlife photography are all bloodless forms of the hunt.
  4. A selection of mini-videos offers visual explanations of techniques like butterflying, kneading and flattening.
  5. Which is something like crawling in the crescent of a gulf, or butterflying in a bay of wide indentation.
  6. Pork Loin Roasted with Garlic, Rosemary and Fennel was an object lesson in butterflying, stuffing and tying a pork loin.
  7. "There was no such thing as butterflying until we started this organization, " said Jeffrey Glassberg, who founded NABA.
  8. "I think eventually America will grow up, " he says, " and give up golf for butterflying ."
  9. Therefore, he says, you can talk as much as you like while butterflying, which makes it the perfect corporate outing _ far better than golf.
  10. "' Butterflying "'is a cutting technique used by butchers to transform a thick, compact piece of meat into a thinner, larger one.
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