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  1. Placement of telephone and cable jacks has captured the attention of developers.
  2. A cable modem is installed at one of your cable jacks by your cable provider.
  3. Lower-and mid-priced sound system and instrument speaker cabinets often use 1 / 4 " speaker cable jacks.
  4. Kaufman and Broad, as well as West Venture, has started to place telephone and cable jacks next to one another.
  5. In my case, I plan to install the hub in the garage and have a cable jack installed there as well.
  6. Locicero said she is annoyed about having to unplug her cable jack and rehook her antenna to watch her favorite soap opera.
  7. Even if Kennard's deadline is met, the first digital television sets with the new cable jacks probably will not go on sale until a year later.
  8. I've seen a monitor with a USB A jack on the back and two USB A jacks on the side ( in addition to the usual video cable jack ).
  9. I added an extra cable jack about 6 feet up on the laundry room wall, after some alert readers sent e-mail about possible moisture and temperature extremes in the garage, my original location.
  10. Yassini said the hurdle is not training people to plug a cable modem into their cable jack and computer and running the necessary installation from a program disc _ something most tech-savvy computer owners can do easily.
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