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  1. The stay cables are arranged in 21 cable pairs with lengths from.
  2. Control units were connected to the channels with " bus and tag " cable pairs.
  3. This frequency frogging allowed equivalent four-wire operation on a single cable pair in two-wire operation.
  4. Gigabit and faster Ethernet links over twisted pair cable use all four cable pairs for simultaneous transmission in both directions.
  5. When a DS1 is transported over metallic outside plant cable, the signal travels over conditioned cable pairs known as a T1 span.
  6. DSL signals reflect from the discontinuities, sending the signal back through the cable pair, much like a tennis ball against a brick wall.
  7. The CETIN network takes in 38, 000 km of optical cables and 20, 000, 000 km of metallic cable pairs throughout the Czech Republic.
  8. Also known as DSL over Unbundled Network Element, this unbundling of services allows a single subscriber to receive two separate services from two separate providers on one cable pair.
  9. The phone number embedded in the detonation page was apparently the home number of John Maxfield ( also known as " Cable Pair " ) a well-known hackers.
  10. Both two or four wire HDSL equipment transmits and receives over the same cable wire pair, as compared to conventional T1 service that utilizes individual cable pairs for transmit or receive.
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