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  1. In 1883, the Market Street Cable Railway opened its first line.
  2. Nearby, two cable railways connect K�rnerplatz with two villa quarters.
  3. However, the unsuitability of cable railways for passengers became clear within a few years.
  4. Abandoned mines may occasionally contain larger features such as timber bridges, cable railways, or waterwheels.
  5. The list only includes non-cable railways whose culminating point is over 2, 000 metres above sea level.
  6. Opened in 1931, the Mergellina Funicular was the fourth, and most recent, cable railway opened in Naples.
  7. Despite their power and influence, however, their main competitor was still the Denver City Cable Railway Company.
  8. Next, he built a cable railway near the Place de la Republique and created the park of Buttes-Chaumont.
  9. In 1889, the site became an amusement park at the end of Lake Washington Cable Railway's trolley line.
  10. Built in 1974, the cable railway was first the first of its kind to burrow through a mountainside.
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