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  1. This effect is particularly relevant for differential scanning calorimetric thermograms.
  2. The above rules refer only to suitable calorimetric materials.
  3. Again, simple algebraic manipulation is required; for example, calorimetric experiments give:
  4. Accordingly, Rankine measured quantity of heat in units of work, rather than as a calorimetric quantity.
  5. Here the classical rule is assumed to hold for the calorimetric material being used, and the propositions are mathematically written:
  6. In their publication, the investigators show details of their calorimeters'design and teach the technology of achieving high calorimetric accuracy.
  7. where \ Delta H is the enthalpy of transition, K is the calorimetric constant, and A is the area under the curve.
  8. "' Adair Crawford "'calorimetric methods for measuring the specific heat capacity of substances and the heat of chemical reactions.
  9. Two promising methods for the description of the acid-base properties of metal oxides are Calorimetric measurements of adsorption enthalpies and Temperature Programmed desorption.
  10. Then, according to Adkins ( 1975 ), it can be shown that one can write a further thermodynamic version of the above calorimetric rules:
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