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  1. Many Americans are becoming nearly as exhausted as the county canvassers.
  2. There are fewer campaign signs and canvassers than in the past.
  3. Article two establishes a state board of canvassers and primary elections.
  4. The canvassers got up to mischief and there were even murders.
  5. Rehnquist said no prior ruling on canvassers barred cities from requiring permits.
  6. The canvasser said he would pay me if I vote for him.
  7. Brotherhood canvassers have already begun working Cairo's streets.
  8. More than half-a-dozen canvassers have died so far.
  9. And Democrats accused Palm Beach canvassers of ignoring clear votes for Gore.
  10. And they were blistering in their assessment of the canvassers.
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