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  1. Chart House's biggest shareholder after Zell is Metropolitan Life Insurance, with 18.5 percent.
  2. "Let's assume we have a great Chart House Restaurant, and it's doing well,"
  3. Chart House restaurant, 2024 W . First St ., Fort Myers.
  4. The Chart House has a view of one of the aquariums.
  5. But Chart House has something that Zell is well versed in _ real estate.
  6. Chart House faces many dangerous choices in jump-starting its business.
  7. But Zell said Chart House's business was even more compelling.
  8. A major example was the relationship between Burger King and Louisiana-based franchisee Chart House,
  9. The local Chart House and Hard Rock Cafe are among the best these chains offer.
  10. In 1973 Chart House attempted to purchase the chain from Pillsbury for, but Pillsbury declined.
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