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  1. Propositional processes are defined as the validation of activated information on the basis of cognitive consistency.
  2. The two-dimensional perspective of attitudinal assessment can distinguish between ambivalence and evaluative-cognitive consistency.
  3. As ratings increase, both ambivalence and evaluative-cognitive consistency have a tendency to be less stable and less effective at predicting behavior.
  4. Past studies have linked ambivalent mental states to slower response times ( due to low accessibility ) and mild attitudes, although theories of evaluative-cognitive consistency have yet to report such findings.
  5. Gawronski's most influential work is the associative-propositional evaluation ( APE ) model ( developed in collaboration with Galen Bodenhausen ), a dual process theory that specifies the relation between explicit and cognitive consistency.
  6.  Ambivalence is a function of the " amount of conflict " within an attitude, whereas evaluative-cognitive consistency is a function of the " magnitude of the difference " between evaluations . 
  7. For example, Shultz and Lepper ( 1996 ) noted that in thinking about cognitive dissonance in terms of parallel constraint satisfaction processes, it becomes clear that cognitive consistency phenomena such as those studied by dissonance researchers are not the result of atypical or unusual cognitive processes but rather are the direct result of normal cognitive functioning.
  8. He also wrote, coauthored, or edited a number of books, including : " Attitude Organization and Change "; " Theories of Cognitive Consistency "; " Domestic Sources of Foreign Policy "; " Beyond Conflict and Containment : Critical Studies of Military and Foreign Policy "; and " Vietnam and the Silent Majority ".
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