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  1. The jetpipe broke loose and at least one combustion chamber was crumpled.
  2. The flame then spreads through the combustion chamber via the small turbulences.
  3. The new engine was introduced as a unit with quasi-hemispherical combustion chambers.
  4. The spark plugs were located at the top of the combustion chamber.
  5. The firebox was modified by adding thermic syphons and a combustion chamber.
  6. It had a main fixed combustion chamber and four small vector control.
  7. After mixing with the air, it is burned in the combustion chamber.
  8. Unlike the earlier Classes 16 and 16B, these locomotives had combustion chambers.
  9. The fuel is injected into the combustion chamber using an injection pump.
  10. The hemispherical combustion chamber is the simplest, and easiest design to understand.
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