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  1. The school receives recurrent funding from both the Victorian and Commonwealth government.
  2. He advised the Commonwealth Government of Australia on Aboriginal policies and programs.
  3. It was designed by the first Commonwealth Government Architect John Smith Murdoch.
  4. It was expected this amount would be met by the Commonwealth Government.
  5. In the Commonwealth Government's Excellence in Research for Australia 2012 National Report,
  6. The Square is flanked by Commonwealth Government Offices on the north.
  7. In 1959 the Commonwealth Government acquired of grassland in then-rural Tullamarine.
  8. In 1919 he was appointed Consulting Engineer for concrete to the Commonwealth Government.
  9. The petition was received by the Commonwealth Government in August 1937.
  10. In December 1905 the Commonwealth Government passed The Census and Statistics Act 1905.
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