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  1. He was appointed Professor of Comparative education at the University of London.
  2. She regularly wrote journal articles on comparative education and the education of women.
  3. In addition to running the organization, she taught comparative education, languages, pedagogy and psychology.
  4. The Germans insisted upon a system of comparative education, whilst the board wanted separate instructions.
  5. The book sounded a powerful call for the application of positivist methods in comparative education studies.
  6. From the mid-1960s onward, Noah advocated the use of empirical social science methods in comparative education.
  7. Havana _ World Congress on Comparative Education, with more than 1, 000 delegates from 86 countries expected.
  8. Comparative education is often incorrectly assumed to exclusively encompass studies that compare two or more different countries.
  9. Journal of Comparative Education Research 2007.
  10. Professor of Comparative Education Hermann R�hrs describes Waldorf education as embodying original pedagogical ideas and presenting exemplary organizational capabilities.
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