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  1. In addition, include the comparison operator operator, operator > =.
  2. However, some programming languages may provide alternative comparison operators that do distinguish the two zeros.
  3. Total orders are familiar in computer science as the comparison operators needed to perform comparison sorting algorithms.
  4. The binary comparison operators such as = = and > return either True or False.
  5. This can be evidenced by a constraint Ord a, which defines a comparison operator on the elements.
  6. It is difficult for such tools to determine whether a use of these tokens is as comparison operators or template delimiters.
  7. The basic comparison operators such as = =,, > =, and so forth are used on all manner of values.
  8. :The sort order may depend on the user's browser  it's just using the standard JavaScript string comparison operator.
  9. The constant is written to the left of the comparison operator, and the variable whose value is being checked against the constant is written to the right.
  10. In general, constraints are expressed using relational comparison operators, of which just one, " is subset of " ( ?" ), is theoretically sufficient.
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