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  1. We do that by comparison testing ."
  2. Another effort to prove Simpson was set up for the murder focused on the accounting of blood taken from him for comparison testing.
  3. Prosecutors said the only way to definitively exonerate Dr . Sam Sheppard may be to exhume his body to gather DNA for comparison testing.
  4. DNA comparison testing shows sharp differences between skunks and the members of the weasel family with which they were first classified 150 years ago.
  5. Such models need in-depth evaluation and validation to demonstrate robustness and to further define potential use in an evaluation and comparison testing.
  6. The recruits spend their days mastering the company's household appliances, which are periodically swapped for different models, even that of a competitor, for comparison testing.
  7. Several of the problems identified would have been obvious in some basic comparison testing and many of the common functions would have also been obvious if done ( like all the problems with Twinkle ).
  8. There were many benefits to these hearing aids; which included storing parameter settings, having a capability for paired-comparison testing, having settings for different acoustic environments, and having more advanced methods of signaling; this which included multi-channel compression.
  9. In 1950, the United Kingdom presented the redesigned FN rifle and the British EM-2, both in . 280 British calibre, to the United States for comparison testing against the favoured United States Army design of the time Earle Harvey's T25.
  10. After three months of rigorous comparison testing at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a US Department of Energy facility that spends most of its time trying to develop things like futuristic fusion-powered generating systems, the team concluded that the ubiquitous, gray, ultra-sticky stuff we call duct tape fared worse than everything else they tried when it came to sealing the ductwork in home heating and air conditioning systems.
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