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  1. Translink has been slowly phasing in use of the Compass Card.
  2. The Compass Card will have a $ 6 refundable deposit.
  3. The Compass Card is a NXP Mifare DESFire EV1 card.
  4. Tapping involves lightly touching the Compass card flat against a card reader.
  5. The Compass Card is the universal electronic fare system used in San Diego County.
  6. Compass Cards work on all transit services using a tap in method to pay fares.
  7. Compass cards were deployed in August 2015.
  8. Compass cards are also available for purchase wherever previous forms of transit fare media were available.
  9. Like Peregrinus'compass, however, Ibn Sim?kn's compass did not feature a compass card.
  10. To open the fare gates, to enter or exit the system, a Compass Card must be used.
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