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  1. Approximately 2 % of New Zealand's freshwater resource is allocated for consumptive use.
  2. The total water used in an agricultural field includes runoff, drainage and consumptive use.
  3. Overall, only 18 % of water resources in Mexico are withdrawn for consumptive use.
  4. The annual crop consumptive use of water is about.
  5. Water abstractions for irrigation are calculated by dividing consumptive use by a country-specific irrigation water use efficiency.
  6. In addition, recharge is the source of fresh groundwater, and a trade off between consumptive use and salinity should be acknowledged.
  7. The Supreme Court eventually ruled in favor of non-consumptive use because it has a higher value and greater potential to create economic growth.
  8. The 1980 Constitution specified for the creation of water rights for non-consumptive use ( hydropower ) of water and this encouraged hydroelectric power developments.
  9. Average annual consumptive use between 1939 and 1993 was, leaving only to flow to Walker Lake, mostly in wet years such as 1997 98.
  10. Two water management areas ( Great Artesian Basin and Mereenie Sandstone & mdash; Alice Springs ) had consumptive use greater than total annual inflow.
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