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  1. Julius's crushingly convincing book stops short of answering this question.
  2. Exhausted and crushingly disappointed, Jane returned home on Oct . 28.
  3. I have felt crushingly demoralized by this article and its talk pages.
  4. "Differently, " he replied crushingly.
  5. Nigeria had been saddled with a crushingly large international debt at this point.
  6. Hankering for something with a little more local flavor, but still crushingly expensive?
  7. However, the First Army was crushingly defeated.
  8. Polsby called the aldermen's action " crushingly ironic and terribly sad ".
  9. Respectable, but crushingly below his goal . ( Tierney, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  10. What you may not expect, however, is how crushingly dull it all is.
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