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  1. He has a floppy mop of brown curly hair and a beard.
  2. Many clues have a loose " parks " connection : Curly hair?
  3. One catches your eye : a young man with dark, curly hair.
  4. She had very thick, curly hair and always tried to straighten it.
  5. Curly hair increases the likelihood of PFB by a factor of 50.
  6. On the bearded head with short curly hair sits a winged helm.
  7. The woman is straightening her naturally curly hair with a hot iron.
  8. He might lose his unruly mop of curly hair, a distinguishing characteristic.
  9. Ms . Brown is taller, with a narrower face and curly hair.
  10. Ms . Hopkinson said recently : brown, curly hair and pale skin.
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