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  1. The selling price will also factor in currency appreciation in those locations.
  2. Currency appreciation also provides the potential for increased returns as investors convert
  3. :Currency appreciation usually leads to reduced foreign investment and lower interest rates.
  4. For Bangladesh, the channels have been, I . Currency appreciation and loss in competitiveness.
  5. Capital inflows ( say to the Netherlands ) may stimulate currency appreciation through demand for money.
  6. That leaves exports vulnerable to currency appreciation.
  7. That's because the prospect of currency appreciation was among the most lucrative aspects of the yen carry trade.
  8. This implies an improvement in the current account, and in the long run, a currency appreciation will result.
  9. But Dudley suggests that the inflation-tempering impact of deflation in Southeast Asia will be offset by currency appreciation elsewhere.
  10. Currency appreciation in Brazil and Colombia contributed to exchange gains, compared with an exchange losses in the year-ago period.
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