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  1. Dual-currency bonds raise money in one currency and repay it in another.
  2. Danish and Irish bonds were the third-and fourth-best local currency bond investments.
  3. A dual currency bond pays interest in one currency and principal in another.
  4. In 2008, Manila Water issued the first local currency bond since the crisis.
  5. Speculation of more dual-currency bond sales overseas, they said, has buoyed both markets.
  6. Local currency bonds expose foreign investors to the risk of a currency depreciation.
  7. When companies sell dual-currency bonds, investors shoulder the currency risk, not the company.
  8. That is, for example, the case of CPI-indexed local currency bonds.
  9. And salaries and bonuses for Asian-currency bond specialists are soaring.
  10. The downgrades gives Indonesian, Korean and Thai foreign currency bonds " junk " status.
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