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  1. All messengers will receive printouts of delivery bills so they can verify their commissions.
  2. Carbon copies of delivery bills list more than 30 different plants, some of them quite expensive.
  3. That's because the drivers make more money than their cycling counterparts due to the longer distances traveled and larger delivery bills.
  4. At that point he called Galaxy, said the delivery bill was topping $ 300 and asked if he should go on.
  5. This drive-by delivery bill marked the beginning of what is expected to be a continuing legislative backlash against managed care; never before had Congress demonstrated a willingness to regulate private health insurance.
  6. Sara Israel, a teacher from Riverside County, Calif ., said Health Net refused to pay a $ 5, 000 hospital delivery bill because she gave birth while on a short vacation in Oceanside, Calif . about 70 miles away in north San Diego County.
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