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  1. The dip angle, forming a ridge that appears at the Eiger and south of the Jungfrau mountain.
  2. The unconformity consists of a polymictite breccia that varies in both thickness and dip angle depending on location.
  3. Along converging plate margins, the dip angle of the rupture plane is very shallow, typically about 10 degrees.
  4. He then stood at the highest point of the mountain, where he measured the dip angle using an astrolabe.
  5. Here, the Pacific Plate is being subducted under the North American Plate at a dip angle of nearly 45?
  6. Georg Hartmann first discovered dip angle in 1544, when he noticed the needle on a compass dipped towards the north hemisphere.
  7. However, Robert Norman around 1576 investigated dip angle further and in 1581 described in print a device to measure this phenomenon.
  8. For example, the orientation in space of a normal to that plane, or by using the strike and dip angles.
  9. The geometry of a slab window depends primarily on the angle the ridge intersects the subduction zone and the dip angle of the down-going plate.
  10. Linear features are measured with very similar methods, where " plunge " is the dip angle and " trend " is analogous to the dip direction value.
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