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  1. For flexible laminar substrates such as fabrics, dip coating may be performed as a continuous roll-to-roll process.
  2. "' Dip coating "'is an industrial coating process which is used, for example, to manufacture coated fabrics and condoms.
  3. It can be applied in the form of a spray, spin, dip coating, paint, or spread with a doctor's blade.
  4. The bilayers and wash steps can be performed in many different ways including dip coating, spin-coating, spray-coating, flow based techniques and electro-magnetic techniques.
  5. It is well equipped with Pentium IV computer systems with PCB design software, Litho Film Photographic Camera, Film Inspection Table, UV-exposure, Photo resist dip coating unit, PCB baking oven, Spray etching machine, Screen Printing complete unit, Plate shearing machine, Roller tinning machine, and high speed drilling machine.

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