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  1. "Direct address is consistent in all my work, " she said.
  2. Cusack says, " was to commit to direct address ."
  3. Direct address, Kriegman says, gives children " a huge sense of empowerment and involvement ."
  4. FIERSTEIN : With this role, you've got standup comedy, in direct address to the audience.
  5. That simple, direct address across the stage creates a whole life and death for an audience.
  6. The comma from ( a ) is necessary because of the concept of " direct address ".
  7. "Molly's Shoes " is a piece of contemporary theatre that employs surrealism, theatrical illusion and direct address.
  8. But it's only in this usage case _ plural, usually direct address _ that females are guys.
  9. Back in Gaza, he has stayed out of sight, refraining from any direct address to the Palestinian people.
  10. "Who Killed Zebedee ? " opens with a direct address to the readers by an otherwise unnamed narrator.
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