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  1. Direct addressing was a special case where Y was used as the operand address with no modification.
  2. With those points out of the way, a direct addressing of the question can be started.
  3. Similarly to honorifics like doctor, it can also be used for direct addressing by itself when there is no ambiguity.
  4. A program running in one field could reference data in the same field by direct addressing, and reference data in another field by indirect addressing.
  5. While the 8088 was restricted to 1MB of memory because of its 20-bit address bus, DEC microprocessors were capable of accessing 4MB with their 22-bit addressing ( although direct addressing of memory was limited in both approaches to 64KB segments, limiting the size of individual code and data objects ).
  6. Thus, the " direct addressing " mode needs to be emulated using the four instructions mentioned earlier to load the address into a spare register; followed by an instruction to select that register as the index register; followed, finally, by the intended operation on the data variable that is pointed to by that address.
  7. Communication can happen right after the association . " Direct addressing " uses both radio address and endpoint identifier, whereas indirect addressing uses every relevant field ( address, endpoint, cluster, and attribute ) and requires that they are sent to the network coordinator, which maintains associations and translates requests for communication . " Indirect addressing " is particularly useful to keep some devices very simple and minimize their need for storage.
  8. Another very simple implementation technique, usable when the keys are restricted to a narrow range of integers, is direct addressing into an array : the value for a given key " k " is stored at the array cell " A " [ " k " ], or if there is no binding for " k " then the cell stores a special sentinel value that indicates the absence of a binding.
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