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  1. Most of those missions involved close air support or direct air support.
  2. It was indirect rather than direct air support which won the Luftwaffe air-superiority.
  3. During the period from 9 May until 26 May, the ship furnished direct air support, on-target air and anti-submarine patrol.
  4. During the Vietnam War, pilots from Korat RTAFB primarily flew interdiction, direct air support, armed reconnaissance, and fighter escort missions.
  5. It was also responsible for developing tactics for the future invasion of Europe, where direct air support proved to be decisive.
  6. In February, she supported TF 58, conducting diversionary air strikes on Tokyo and direct air support of Marines fighting on Iwo Jima.
  7. On 20 October her carrier task group gave direct air support to troops landing at Leyte to begin the liberation of the Philippine Islands.
  8. Missions included air support of ground forces, interdiction, visual and armed reconnaissance, strike assessment photography, escort, close and direct air support, and rapid reaction alert.
  9. The squadron also provided Direct Air Support Center and Tactical Air Control Party ( TACP ) personnel and equipment to support US Army units in Hawaii.
  10. After the battle, General Holland Smith recommended, " " Marine aviators, thoroughly schooled in the principles of direct air support, " " should do the job.
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