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  1. Direct analysis can be intractable if the structure is unknown or complicated.
  2. He pioneered the direct analysis of DNA from field samples.
  3. Also biofluids for direct analysis of drug molecules and their metabolites has been investigated.
  4. This is the first application and example of direct analysis of samples on a plat surface.
  5. For reaches without sufficient data for direct analysis, 100-year flood estimates are derived from hydrologic models.
  6. The Hertz convection-diffusion is instrumental in determining a direct analysis of the coupling between water and solute uptake.
  7. Under Patel, the website has expanded from a focus on supplements and athletic performance to direct analysis of research studies.
  8. Though originally focused on supplementation research, the company's growth has allowed it to expand into direct analysis of nutrition research.
  9. Some problems in physics are too complex to solve by direct analysis, or progress could be limited by available analytical tools.
  10. The company's finding on antidepressants resulted from a direct analysis of its patients'prescription drug histories, said Ann Smith, a Medco spokesman.
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