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  1. This betrayal confines humanity to a contained world known as Dust Bin.
  2. It is fit for the dust bin, " the paper quoted Mudenge saying.
  3. The dust bins are filled with winners of bitterly divided elections.
  4. If I had osteoporosis, they would have brought me here in a dust bin.
  5. The Roomba Model 401 is similar but has a standard-size dust bin and vacuum system.
  6. But Bhoomi takes back the diary from the dust bin without Sidharth's knowledge and reads it.
  7. It uses the space that would be required for the vacuum for additional dust bin volume.
  8. I threw them all in the dust bin,
  9. It was consigned to the dust bin.
  10. A small broom and dust bin, both with thigh-high handles, even save you the effort of stooping.
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