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  1. They looked destined to be dust catchers in basements and garages everywhere.
  2. It is safe to assume that those dust catchers were not totally authentic.
  3. And the moon : " That place is a sure-enough dust catcher . ")
  4. The dashboard swept up and down in a most contemporary manner but included ridges that looked like dust catchers to me.
  5. Particles will hit the dust catcher at up to six times the speed of a bullet fired from a high-powered rifle, NASA estimates.
  6. Long before she came to live there, Sharon had fully landscaped the outside and filled the inside with more dust catchers than a candle museum.
  7. The coarse particles in the exhaust gas settle in the " dust catcher " and are dumped into a railroad car or truck for disposal, while the gas itself flows through a venturi scrubber and / or electrostatic precipitators and a gas cooler to reduce the temperature of the cleaned gas.
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