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  1. When not in use I cover it with a dust sheet.
  2. Leyland officials, taking stock of their new acquisition, found Michelotti's prototype hiding under a dust sheet in a corner of the factory and rapidly approved it for production.
  3. The episode concludes with Val having been relegated to the corner of the room and covered in a dust sheet as the sex-dungeon'play room'is expanded into her current bedroom.
  4. Dust sheets half covered the junk of admiration which Tito had collected : the hunting rifles from Churchill, Brezhnev and Zhukov, the diamond-studded ashtray from Nasser, the coffee service from Saddam Hussein.
  5. The rhythms and rituals of their yearly vacation _ unpacking, opening windows, throwing off dust sheets _ mirror the rhythms of their comfortable, steady relationship, where conversation is relaxed and where silences communicate more than words.

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