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  2. And thank you for " dog-earing " what, I take it, are the most important pages.
  3. It's a simple trick that allows a writer to convey what an album sounds like without dog-earing a thesaurus.
  4. I hope common sense will prevail and following the Licensing Committee earing next week, I will be able to resume my career.
  5. Someone earing $ 200 a month and living in a shelter that costs $ 1, 500 a month per resident to run, for instance, would pay $ 61 per month.
  6. The janitor ignored the warnings signs and the floor buffer got pulled into the machine then the of three respondents, one lost an earing and the other's hearing aides were destroyed.
  7. Since earing his law degree from State University of New York at Buffalo in 1972, Sundram has cultivated strong ties with major New York Democrats, including Carey and former Gov . Mario Cuomo.
  8. The Nevada State Athletic Commission reviewed a tape of Tyson's hard-to-swallow maiming of Evander Holyfield's ears before withholding a final decision until a disciplinary earing is held.
  9. Last week, lawmakers at a congressional * earing said that they would not intervene in the debate over whether the series violates antitrust laws, but members of the House Judiciary Committee criticized the system.
  10. He acknowledges that AIDS is caused by the HIV virus, but says that, "'[ h ] earing'the virus in its vicinity, the DNA mistakes it for a friendly or compatible sound ".
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