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  1. The efficiency index considers expenditures, workload regulations and political transparency.
  2. Its Performance Efficiency Index was therefore pegged at 49.56 %.
  3. Its Performance Efficiency Index was therefore pegged at 57.04 %.
  4. In July 2015 Kazakhstan was ranked 50th in the Government Efficiency Index compiled by World Economic Forum.
  5. The equation is simple : Distance ?time elapsed ?fuel consumed = to provide an efficiency index ( EI ), as a standardized departing point.
  6.  The fastest TMG  from start to finish  with no route / task infringements  irrespective of the  Efficiency Index  wins ! .
  7. In 2014 GEMS Education Solutions published a study called The Efficiency Index, analyzing which public education systems, by country, deliver the best value for money.
  8. Since the participant will simply have an exceptional good average speed of the total distance, but with a very poor fuel consumption, thus relatively low positioned on the Efficiency Index roster.
  9. This is a good set-up for general easy relaxed PAS cross country flying / touring, avoiding the intense actions required by optimal PAS . It provides reasonable overall efficiency index results.
  10. An alternative equation uses the logarithm of the ratio of potency ( measured as binding energy ) and the partition coefficient to compute a lipophilic ligand efficiency index ( LE ) with a different scale.
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